2016.11 SLETH Prequalified

SLETH is currently particitating in the open proces of developing the vision for a new urban district on the former county hospital site Tage-Hansens Gade in Aarhus.
SLETH is collaborating with SLA, Moe, Urban Creators, Innovation Lab, Mogens Morgen and Martin Thim.

SG 11 Inauguration

September 9th we held our Grand Opening Party. It was a pit-stop on our long journey in the development of the house. A firework of food, friends, drinks, colleagues, dance and partners.
The house is open! Come by and visit!

Sonnesgade 11

Sonnesgade 11 is a 2800 m² mixed use building located centrally in Aarhus DK. The office is initiator and architect of the project. The building is inaugurated on Friday September 09th 2016.
The main idea and concept behind the project is an idea of testing our architecture in scale 1:1 in a built frame of a flexible mixed use purpose building.